Estonia is well known on PostgreSQL landscape thanks to Skype. I had long observed great interest in this database system among people I know. Sadly it did not go much more than dinner talks of friendly people. In year 2016 8th annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe was held in Tallinn, capital of Estonia. At that time, I convinced organisers of Tallinn biggest developer community - to try to do PostgreSQL themed event. Some speakers also agreed to come day early to conference, to have extra talk for devclub community. This indicated demand, and next logical step was to quickly make an way for interested people to be able to be express interest in local group. We made questionnaire (big thanks to Cybertec for allowing to use their sponsors-stand to store papers) and presented results as Lightning talk on the same conference. For this reason i think that devclub meeting (#98) "20 years of PostgreSQL" which happened on 31.10.2016 can be counted as meeting #0. Note that this event was in russian language, except first presentation by Bruce Momjian.